A brief history of abortion in America: abortion was totally ok for hundreds, and we mean hundreds, of years. In 1860, Illinois made it illegal for capitalistic reasons. Clinics were opening and giving out abortions, and that was fiscal competition for doctors. 


And then, after the Civil War, some Americans got grumpy about people getting abortions, so laws were put in place state by state.Some states were all or nothing; others were like, “hey man, if you are a white cisgendered woman, no way, but any other ethnicity or race, you go right ahead”. 


Nothing was really enforced too harshly until the Prohibition era, and then laws went HAM on select people (i.e., PoC, people in lower socioeconomic standings, intersex people). 


In 1973, the Supreme Court passed Roe V. Wade, 7-2. This was a huge win.


Cut back to now; there are self-driving cars.You can have food delivered to your door through your phone. There are 3-D televisions. You ma’am/mir/sir, live in the future.


And, yet,  25% of the over 1200 anti-abortion restriction have passed in the last five years of your  life. And with states like Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Utah, Oklahoma binge-watching some bizzaro version of The Handmaid’s Tale, where The Eyes are the good guys; these percentages are likely to increase before they decrease.

Vintage 1973

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