Welcome back to 1692! Where white men who claim to be Puritanical decide whether or not your life has worth. 


Just kidding. 


You are still in 2019. But, you can pretty much be in any century of post-colonial America, and find a group of old white men making decisions for who and who shouldn’t have a say about their own lives or their own bodies. 


Whether its slavery [1619-prison slave labor(so,now)], accusing women/womxn/men/mxn/them of the dark arts (1662), determining people needed medical sexual assault to ease their hysteria [up until 1952 in the States!], deciding whether or not a person can vote based on sex or race (see every election, ever), legalizing eugenics (Buck vs. Bell, 1927), or creating Draconian abortion bills (you can probably just use google for that rn); white, cisgendered, heteronormative men have been institutionalizing laws about others for centuries.


We think four centuries of power have given your constituents enough time to have an idea about how you run things.  And since where things are ran are into are the ground, we believe now is the time for that change.  


No Country for Old Men PopSocket

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