The right to reproductive health is not just about sex or gender; it is all about racism


Alabama has a rich and complicated tapestry—to the say the least— here in the USA. It is a notoriously racist state, with a history including thousands of forced sterilizations, the most lynchings of any state, the bombing of the Freedom Riders bus, and the unforgettable Sixteenth Street Baptist Church tragedy. 


But, despite this, we can thank so many of its people for the civil liberties we have today. From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to it being the end point on the Selma March to being the birthplace of civil rights legends like Rosa Parks and Fred Lee Shuttlesworth. 


Many amazing people come from Alabama, and we (like everyone else), do not want that to ever stop. However, we do not want those amazing actions to be forced reactions to racism and sexism.


The policies the Alabama state government has currently (and historically) placed on their citizens are oppressive and disgusting. 


So, fuck you, Alabama. Specifically: Albritton, Allen, Barfoot, Butler, Chambliss, Chasten, Elliott, Givhan, Gudger, Jones, Livingston, Marsh, McClendon, Melson, Orr,Price, Reed, Roberts, Scofield, Sessions, Shelnutt, Stutts, Waggoner, Ward, and Williams


And a very special fuck you to Kay Ivey, who, as a  white female governor, signed off on the bill. 

F U Alabama

Color: White
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